Monday, August 3, 2015 at 2:30 PM
Church Family Dinner this Wednesday 6:00! The master calleth come and dine! BLTS AND FRESH VEGGIES FROM THE FARMERS MARKET! Bring something to share but it is not required to come!
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A group of folks from the church that like to get together for fellows

hip and sharing. Often they meet for lunch at a local restaurant. They meet on the fourth Thursday of each month. Information and details are available on the calendar and upcoming events tabs.


Small Groups 

Although we have a number of small groups that meet for various ministry activity we currently have one group that meets monthly and we are looking to add a few more groups that will meet for study and fellowship. 

Men's group

Our men's study group meets faithfully every Tuesday morning at 6:45 for coffee, conversation and study. 




















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