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                      Weihnachten im Wandel der Zeit                     A Poem by Elisabeth Zickler

When I was a child and that was long ago, Christmas was great happening, a fantasy and so much more.                  There were only small presents as we were not rich then, but these humble considerations were close to paradise for us.      Here we received Apples and Nuts and sometimes a pair of shoes, and if the coffers allowed, a small toy.                      Oh how elated this childhood was then with that quiet murmur surrounding this Silent Night.  

Then I became older and started to wish for this and that and pushed the Christ child into the background and thereby forgot that Paradise.                                                          Then came the war with all its suffering, hunger, and misery and a humble demeanor was regained.                                  I was truly thankful and happy for my piece of bread.            We became meek and took strength from the wish that we, our family, would again be together in this Silent and Holy Night.                                                                               Though this wish was seldom fulfilled since they were away and keeping guard.                                                            And we were lonely and afraid in this Silent Holy Night.

Then the war subsided and a new youth developed.                They too had special wishes for that good old Santa Clause.  But these wishes were not small nor insignigiciant since a new living standard blessed us.                                            And the presents became the significant focus, for now its the desiring and the giving that reigns supreme.                        No one questions its cost having forgotten the war with its Hours of Need along with the lonely times in making ends meet.

From this most beautiful of Christian period, man has made it into a market time; it wishes the best from the best and therby forgets the real meaning of this most Holy Night.  



There will be a meeting of the Christmas Basket Volunteers between services on Sunday, December 9th in Luther Hall.  

We will discuss and assign the various activities and tasks needed to get our baskets delivered on the 22nd of this month.                                                                           

We will be picking up food, fruit and other supplies during the week of December 17th and filling baskets on December 21st.  There is lots to do.

We are also still in need of financial help.  If you wish, you may put your contribution in an envelope labeled for Christmas Baskets and place in the offering tray.  

We really appreciate all the help we can get.

Thank you in advance,                                                        John Hershey                                                                      Christmas Basket Committee    


 6:00 pm     Meal                                         6:30 pm     Youth Activities                   7:00 pm     Holden Evening Prayer

Menu for the Advent Meals

Wednesday, December 12th - Roast "Beast" & Vegetables  Wednesday, December 19th - Potato Bar

You may bring a dish to share but it isn't necessary.


 By Heart - Conversations with       Martin Luther's Small Catechism  

Pastor Alex will teach a four-week class which began on Sunday, December 2nd.                                      

Held in Parish Hall (A-frame), it will also include general information about Trinity Lutheran Church.    

SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGERS        Saturday, December 8th                      9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We have been asked to ring bells at Food Lion on Saturday, December 8th from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

A sign up sheet is available in the Narthex.

                             SKILLED HOMES CHRISTMAS DINNER  Saturday, December 8th

Our congregation will host the 39th annual Lasagna dinner for the combined skilled homes on December 8th. 

This invitation goes out to the eleven homes in our area and we usually serve about 60 including our helpers. 

Dick & Susan Gross


Trinity will have two worship services on Christmas Eve - December 24th.

The first service will be at 7:00 pm and will include the children of the church.

The second service will be at 10:00 pm.



We are pleased to share that we have received 45% of commitment cards towards our 3 year $ 125,000 building improvements goal.  

To those of you who have made your commitments, however big or small or somewhere in between, we are so grateful for your generous gifts towards this shared vision!

We trust God is up to something good here at Trinity, and your contributions allow us to continue and explore new ways of being a source of blessing for our communites!

One of our goals is 100% participation.  For those of you have have not had an opportunity to make a commitment, we encourage you, by year's end, please turn in a commitment card (available in the Narthex), and be a part of this Finding Forward adventure, contributing as you are able.  

With Gratitude, Encouragement, Exhortation, and Excitement, THANK YOU!

From the Finding Forward Building Improvement Campaign Committee 



In the next couple of months, we will be serving and providing over 600 meals at our various events.  We have a wish list of several items that which help lower our costs.  We also have been inviting our neighbors from the ministries on our property which has increases our numbers at some events.  We do prefer to use one brand and type of plates, napkins, cups, etc., so that things will store easier and be more uniform.  We have included pictures of the items and a description and they can be found at Aldi in Tullahoma.  The items would love to have are Boulder 10" Heavy Duty Paper Plates ($ 3.29), Boulder Cultery 96 count ($ 3.89), Boulder Premium All Occasion Napkins ($ 1.59), Boulder 50 count Party Cups ($2.49).  If you wish to save a little, we do have our Tax Exempt Number in the store.  Simply ask the cashier for the tax book and tell them it is for Trinity Lutheran Church.



                                 MaSH YOUTH                                                                (Middle & Senior High)                                                            Wednesdays                                   6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

  The schedule for youth events:  

                    6:00 pm - 6:30 pm   Dinner                                                 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm   MaSH Youth                                7:00 pm - 7:30 pm   Confirmation/FISHY

        If you want more information about youth events,                        please contact MaryBeth Smith, Trinity's Youth Minister                    at or                  call the church office at 931-455-9475.

Cancelled during the season of Advent.


                             COMMUNION SERVICES                                                                                Held each Wednesday at noon.




We are a generous people and our financial position we are writing about is not because any of you are not generous!  Currently, though we are $ 20,000 in the negative for the year, not everyone understands how our church finances work.  Therefore, a little explanation is needed.  At the beginning of each year, we begin with $ 30,000 in our general fund which is used to pay budgeted expenses over the year.  The negative balance we show on a monthly basis is based upon the amount plus or minus the $ 30,000 with which we started the year.  Traditionally, we catch up at the end of the year as expenses decrease and giving increases.  It is with faith and generosity we continue to do the things God calls us to do.  This year, we had two factors which put us in a little larger deficit than normal.  Every three years, we send our youth to the ELCA Youth Gathering and the youth and parents raise money for it.  We also budget and pay for our staff to attend.  Youth gathering ministry needs probably account for around $ 4,000 of our deficit.  The other contributing factor is that our insurance rates increased this year by 10% which has affected the balance in our general fund.  Moving forward, we simply ask for your generosity to continue!  If you are able to give anything extra to help with our extra youth ministy needs and insurance needs - that would be awesome!  Another way which continues to help us is your signing up to give electronically through your bank or through our website.

In thanksgiving for your generosity,                                Your Stewardship Team!



Although we have a paid childcare attendant every week, we do schedule a volunteer assistant.                         

If you would be able to assist with childcare, please let us know.  

Depending on the number of children in the nursery on Sundays, you may not be needed and can attend worship.



There is a box in the hallway for the collection of used eyeglasses.  

This is an ongoing service project of the Lion's Club.



There is a link on Trinity's homepage for the Church Directory.  

User Name: firstnamelastname                                             Password: peace                                                             You may then personalize your password.

Also, there is an app for iPhones and Android phones in the App Store which is "CTRN Online Directory".

The code for the mobile app is "trinitytullahoma".


       A way to support Trinity for those who have an IRA is          through Required Minimum Distribution.

          This is a way to give and your donation will not be               taxed as income through this charitable distribution.                                                                                                                    For a more detailed explanation,                       please see Jim Peissig or Pastor Alex. 

LWR QUILTERS                                           December 11th, 18th                                  January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th                    9:30 am

You are invited to join the LWR Quilters every Tuesday of each month.

Meeting in the Banner Room, all are welcome anyone who would like to help make quilts which are sent around the world.  


                            WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR                                           LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF QUILTS?                            Below is a list of the number of quilts sent from                        Baltimore (where Trinity's quilts are shipped)                                to different countries worldwide!                                                                                                                                  Haiti - 15,840        India - 49,500                                        Peru - 19,800        Tanzania - 24,750                                         Georgia (near Russia) - 49,500                    

                 Trinity reaches out well beyond our borders!!                 LWR Quilters thank you for your support!


                         DOMINOES                                                Friday, December 21st                              Friday, January 18th                        1:00 pm

On the third Friday of each month, there is a gathering of folks who play Mexican Dominoes at 1:00 pm in the Banner Room.

Typically, we have around 8 people participate and there is always room for more.

Please feel free to join us!  


BIBLE CONNECTIONS                  For 4th - 5th Graders                 Wednesdays                               1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Cancelled during the season of Advent.



If you would like to subscribe to text messages for church events, such as special dinners and/or activities:


Enter:  81010

Then, text this message: @drhoffn


This is a one way text communication message and your number remains private.



Kroger's Community Rewards Campaign Benefiting Good Samaritan


Good Samaritan has become a beneficiary of Kroger's Community Rewards campaign.  Kroger Plus shoppers can designate Good Samaritan as a charity that will then receive financial support from Kroger. 

It is very easy to sign up as shown in the KCR Flyer. 

Once you sign up for the program, then Good Samaritan will receive benefits from Kroger whenever your Kroger Plus card is used. 



For KCR Flyer Click Here.




If you have an event that you would like to have at Trinity, please notify the office staff.  To submit your event, you may call the office, e-mail the information to the office, or visit Trinity's website where there is a "Submit Calendar Item" tab found under the "Calendar" section.





The Good Samaritan Program of Tullahoma administers Project HELP funds and works with other public and private agencies to see that those elderly and handicapped in need receive adequate help.


You may contribute to this fund by adding extra amounts to your utility bill through TUB.






Electronic giving can be accessed on the Trinity Lutheran website by pressing the "giving" button at the top of the page.  Electronic giving is easy to setup or modify and can provide a status report on activity for the year. 

Or, you may click below to be connected to our online giving page. 


It is convenient for you and provides much-needed financial consistency for the church. It is a secure site provided by Vanco services that is part of the simply giving program.


To Give online click now!




We now have 29 families who have signed up for automatic giving.  Our website has access to the automatic giving process.  You may want to consider simplifying the giving process.  It is similar to automating the payment of utility or phone bills.  If you need help in setting up an automated payment, please see Jim Peissig.  

Thanks for all you do!



Those of you who are in need of Offering Envelopes, there is a sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex.


Please sign with your envelope number so we may get new ones to you. 




       Monday - Thursday

       9:00 am - 2:00 pm


     Office Phone Number




For a List of Birthdays of our Members Click Here!


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