Day Care Center Project Giving!

        Due to the incredible stewardship of our community our loan balance for the renovations done to the Tullahoma Day Care Center is now at $18,000. This is great progress since we borrowed $50,000 back in May. Way to go Trinity! With continued giving we will be able to move on towards our next project very soon. Thank you!

All TN Youth Gathering a Success!

     Due to the support of the congregation and the facilities that God has blessed us with Trinity was able to host the All TN Lutheran youth gathering November 10-11. We were able to host over 120 youth and adults which gathered to serve in our community worship and have fun. Activities included service projects at area ministries, a concert by Lost and Found and worship together with our members at our 8:30 service. Thanks to all who made it happen. Our theme was Love Takes Flight. Below is a picture of the youth at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.